Oceanhand / work in progress

Wo: Lalish Theaterlabor, Gentzgasse 62, 18. Währing, Wien

Altersbeschränkung: Ab 16


  • Normalpreis: €15,00
  • Ermäßigung: €10,00
  • Nur Abendkassa

Eingetragen von: LalishTheaterlabor

Company:KiT Ensemble

Movement comes from the body, and body language is movement.
Humans are earthy beings; nevertheless, in the early stages of movement development, we do start in utero. We will bow to this aspect of us, which is apparently invisible but so much present in our dances.
This performance is a celebration of Contact Improvisation and the foundations of our movement language. We travel from earth to sky, from individual to flock consciousness, from sensuous and restful towards active flying awareness.

Dancers :
Christian Findeisen, Barborka kiczkova, Helmut Weidel, Lena Pirklhuber, Bea Forizs, Therese Leick, Marcus Fux, Simon Kornhäusl, Natalie Campbell, Lukas Leitinger, Amelie Schlemmer, Katharina Spanlang, Sabine Radlegger, Andrea Novacescu, Stephan Petzl
Choreographer: Grégory Chevalier
Musician: Michael Schrotter

Reservierung: lalishtheater@hotmail.com oder office.lalishtheater@gmail.com
Tel.: 014780609

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