ConTaKt: Consciousness in Relation

Wo: Theater Arche, Münzwardeingasse 2A, 06. Mariahilf

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Eingetragen von: breath

How does consciousness emerge? What are the physical mechanisms involved? Does it have a specific location in our brain? How many different states of consciousness exist? Do plants possess consciousness?

The enigma of consciousness and its associated questions remain among the great mysteries that modern neuroscience has yet to unravel.

“ConTaKt: Consciousness in Relation” unites art and science, mind and body, in a spellbinding blend of poetry and scientific inquiry, sensory experience, and philosophical exploration through movement. This innovative theater-performance merges butoh dance with clowning, physical theater, music, and digital art to journey through the multifaceted dimensions of consciousness. Through playfully whimsical interactions between the genderless, animalistic humanoid figure "Homo Kemoni" and the female human-machine entity "Harmony" within natural altered states such as sleep, meditation, or dance, the performance endeavors to unveil the intricacies of our brains and tackle the forefront challenges of scientific inquiry.

Step into the captivating world of 'Consciousness in Relation,' where the dynamics of human connection take center stage. This theater-performance invites audiences to explore the myriad ways individuals establish meaningful relationships and engage with one another. Through a mesmerizing blend of movement, narrative, and visual storytelling, the performance delves into the intricacies of contact and relating, from physical proximity to emotional resonance. Audiences will witness the unfolding of diverse encounters, each illuminating the complexities of communication, empathy, and shared experience. As the narrative unfolds, 'Consciousness in Relation' prompts reflection on how these interactions shape our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and challenged as you journey through the rich tapestry of human connection in this unforgettable theatrical experience.

This is an international collaborative project between the Homo Kemoni Project and Synaptic Butoh.

Text-Languages: English, German, Spanish, nonverbal, gestual, digital-visual

Artistic direction, production, text: Miriam Strasser

Creation and performance: Miriam Strasser and Lucía Sombras (Lucía Callén)

Music and composition: Scharmien Zandi

Digital creation: Mahdi Bakhshi

Graphic support: Stefan Schneider

Technical support: Ronald Rigo

Stage assistance: Will Lopes

Light: Andrès Ryba

Production: Homo Kemoni Project (Vienna) and Synaptic Butoh (Spain)

Photography: Carmen Fernández