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Reading with Dinko Kreho


Sa 23. Okt 2021, 19:30

Wo: Zigutamve Photography Gallery, Hofstattgasse 23, 18. Währing, Wien

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Reading with Dinko Kreho
– The Nomansland cycle-

Artist talk hosted by Mirza Purić
Moderation, deutsch- und englischsprachige Lesung: Anja Lazić Akaratović

October 23, 2021, 7:30 p.m.
Cluster – Zigutamve Photography
Zieglergasse 34
1070 Wien

Dinko Kreho writes short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and literary criticism. He was born in Sarajevo in 1986. After attending primary and secondary education in Bihać, Zagreb, Pariz and Rennes, he graduated in comparative literature and South Slavic literatures at the University of Sarajevo. He lives in Zagreb.
He is the author of six books, the most recent of which is the short story collection Odmor od kulture (A Break From Culture), published in summer 2021 by Durieux. He also translates from French and performs with the Zagreb-based collective Centre for the Theatre of the Oppressed (Centar za kazalište potlačenih – POKAZ).
Kreho’s work has appeared in English, French, Greek, Estonian, Slovenian and German translation. It has been awarded a number of literary prizes and awards, in Croatia as well as in the other ex-Yugoslav countries.

Mirza Purić is a literary translator, most recently of Faruk Šehić’s Under Pressure (Istros Books, 2019) and, in co-translation with Ellen Elias Bursać, of Miljenko Jergović’s Inshallah, Madonna, Inshallah (forthcoming, Archipelago Books). His work has appeared in Agni, Asymptote, Literary Hub, EuropeNow, H.O.W. (online) and elsewhere.

reading cycles 2021-2023
Tamistad is a portmanteau blending the words “Tamizdat” and “Amistad”. “Tamizdat” refers to the censored literature from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe published in the West during the Cold War. The Spanish word “Amistad” means “friendship”.

Austria, its cosmopolitan capital of Vienna in particular, is home to many people from other countries. Their connections and relations with their countries of origin are multifarious and have to be examined through the prism of arts and culture. At the same time, literature from other parts of the world is of great significance for the cultural growth of Austrians.
The goal of the project Tamistad is to support this two-way relation, facilitate and shape intercultural literary exchange, as well as to make physical borders permeable through literature and encourage the audience to step over them. In this regard, it is important that the exchange does not take place within a single cultural space, but to venture across its boundaries. Therefore we would like to invite authors from different parts of the world, who are willing and able to contribute to the exchange in the spirit of global good neighbourhood.

The project comprises three cycles, each with a particular focal point. The first, titled NENOMAD focuses on the authors who, for whatever reasons, do not leave or have never left their home country. The second, titled NOMAD is devoted to the “placeless” authors, those who often change or have changed their place of residence, and derive inspiration from nomadism. The third cycle, titled NOMADNENOMAD focuses on authors who see themselves as belonging to neither or both of the two groups.
The focus of the fourth cycle titled NOMANSLAND is on authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This cycle is separate from the other three, but on the other it is bound up with them.

The Tamistad series of readings is a continuation or further development of .dɩtiramb’s previous literary projects. The project idea revolves round the readings, but will be broadened by the planned artist talks, to facilitate artistic and cultural exchange.