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Fr 31. Jan 2020, 21:00

Wo: Olympiahalle, Olympiastraße 10, Innsbruck, Tirol

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Eingetragen von: Oeticket

A revolutionairy international electronic Music & Arts Event, that, equipped with a highclass Setup and situated right at the Center of the Tyrolen Alps, is capable of pushing the Boundaries of the Trance Dance Experience..WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL1 FLOOR, 1 NIGHT, 1 LOCATION, XL MAINSTAGE, BREATHTAKING DECORATION, INTERNATIONAL HIGHCLASS LINEUP, 250 kw r.m.s. WORLDCLASS SOUNDSYSTEMS, HOLOGRAM (!) & 3D MAPPING SHOW, LIGHT & LASERSHOW, MASSIVE STAGEDESIGN, SIDEACTIONWe want to say THANK YOU for the most epic 10 years someone can wish for. Of course in a typical PSYBOX manner, rasing new hights of electronic music & arts entertainment.As a leading event institution Celebrating a whole decade in the electronic music scene - is something indeed extraordinary and we want to take a little retrospectiv view on it:With lots of ups and downs, countless moments of happiness, mourning phases as well as an endless number of great people who accompanied us during all the events and contributed to writing the history of PSYBOX together ... all this and much more has shaped our lives and made us what we are today. Our mission has been to continually expand the boundaries of the trance dance experience.We would like to celebrate the event in a typical PSYBOX style, an event, which will find in our personal history books a place very far ahead. For this purpose, we have found the Olympiahalle Innsbruck as a suitable location and we will transform this, according to the occasion, into a multimedia, musically and artistically demanding 4-dimensional arena to kidnap you for a night in another parallel universe where everything is one.With you we open a whole new chapter and a new era in the history of PSYBOX.MASTERS OF CEREMONYintern. Mainacts liveNEELIX(Spin Twist Rec. / GER)MANDRAGORA(Alien Records / MEX)RANJI(Blue Tunes Records / ISR)CRAZY ASTRONAUT(How2Make / RUS)TECHNICAL HITCH(Alice D Records / ISR)DARK WHISPER(Alice D Records / IT)Supported byBENSENSE - Psybox Music / AustriaSZIG SAG - Psybox Music / AustriaALIENBRAIN - Psybox Music / AustriaPRAYING MANTIS - Psybox Music / AustriaBREATHTAKING DECORATION byPsy-PixMASSIVE STAGEDESIGN byWorldBridgerHOLOGRAM (!) + 3D MAPPING SHOW byRESORBPOWERED BYGOLDTON & C37 SOUNDSYSTEM 250 kwPSYBOX MUSICSPINTWIST RECORDSALIEN RECORDSBLUE TUNES RECORDSALICE D RECORDS