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Highlighttour - Rolls - Royce Museum


So 9. Sep 2018, 16:00–17:00
So 23. Sep 2018, 16:00–17:00

Wo: Rolls-Royce-Museum, Gütle 10, Dornbirn, Dornbirn

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Highlighttour - Rolls-Royce Museum
The museum is stunning. Especially with the public tour this will be a memorable experience and will give you surprising insights. The exhibits are outstanding examples of the beauty and variety of handmade constructions. English coach builders like Barker, Park Ward or Freestone and Webb are represented. During the visit you will be immersed in the magic of Rolls-Royce, in learning about milestones of the automotive industry and in an extraordinary attitude towards quality - past, present and future. Top up the visit with a look into the in-house workshop. Experience automotive industry coming back to life. The tour is free for visitors of the museum. Entry fee is 6€. A variety of discouts is available.