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Do 30. Nov 2017, 18:00

Wo: Künstlerhaus Graz - Halle für Kunst & Medien, Burgring 2, Graz Stadt, Steiermark

Altersbeschränkung: Alle Altersklassen

Eingetragen von: Halle-fuer-Kunst

A trio generates uncanny rustling, bringing forth hidden revelations and inflated sculptures, knowing that every moment passed disappears into the underworld of interpretation. The choreographers, Oleg Soulimenko and Jasmin Hoffer, and artist Alfredo Barsuglia meet in these moments where communication hinders understanding, falling into the traps, tarps, tunnels of failed communication. In these unstable realities of perception all life seems risky, and “Sense of Loss” proves this point both with irony and all seriousness. It’s not a nightmare, but keeps you on your toes until the very end.