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Sa 15. Apr 2017, 20:00

Wo: Arena Wien, Baumgasse 80, 03. Landstraße, Wien

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Decibelles is a three-piece indie rock band from Lyon. Influenced by post punk, new wave, noise rock and power pop. Singer and guitarist Sabrina Duval, singer and drummer Fanny Bouland, and bassist Emilie d'Ornano formed the band in 2004 as they were in highschool.Their first EPs was released by Hviv Records in 2007. In 2009, indepedant label April77Record contacted them to release a 7' record, in true indie punk fashion. Another EP followed the same year, „Bloody Bloody Whiffy Scuzzy“, accompagnied by a DIY music-video. It was the year of their first European tour with the band Einzweidreivier. In 2011 the band issued their first album, „Pedro Joko“ independently, without label, which was noticed by the indie punk circle. Ensue a year of shows and touring.In april 2013, they released a new song „Clouds“ which earned them an article in Les Inrocks. This was followed by a split LP with the band EinzWeiDreiVier.With our without booking agent, who tended to disapear as fast as they appeared, the three girls shared the stage with bands such as The Death Set, Bo Ningen, FIDLAR and Schellac, which choosed itself the band to open for their only show in France in 2014. Now, their LP „Sleep Sleep“ is out!