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Mi 17. Mai 2017, 20:00

Wo: Orpheum Graz, Orpheumgasse 8, Graz Stadt, Steiermark

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Eingetragen von: Oeticket

Three Names. Three Cultures. One Musical Language. A Unicum.
Norma Winstone, outstanding icon of British jazz singing and refined story-telling lyricist, Klaus Gesing, exceptionally gifted saxophonist-clarinetist and composer from Germany, and Glauco Venier, dexterous Friulian pianist and crackerjack composer, have enraptured audiences and convinced critics in Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA for over fifteen years.
The trio unite different music traditions and genres, from jazz ballads, classical-contemporary chamber music to folkloric and popular songs, and, what is more, have created a new idiom: new unheard chamber jazz music with their own distinct beauty and unique aesthetics. "A great small Gesamtkunstwerk" - that's how the illustrious critic Peter Rüedi (Die Zeit) called the trio's Grammy-nominated CD "Distances" (ECM, 2008). And that also applies to their last two albums "Stories Yet To Tell" and "Dance Without Dance" (ECM, 2010 and 2013 respectively). And to their performances: poetically filigree and, at the same time, dynamically entertaining top-notch chamber music, with Gesing and Venier's instrumental dialogues and stunning interplay providing fanciful patterns for Norma Winstone's expressive singing.