Diese Veranstaltung ist schon vorbei
we gave our best now the rest is up to the hope chest


Mo 20. Jun 2016, 12:00–18:00
Di 21. Jun 2016, 12:00–18:00
Mi 22. Jun 2016, 12:00–18:00
Do 23. Jun 2016, 12:00–18:00
Fr 24. Jun 2016, 12:00–00:00

Wo: imersten., Sonnenfelsgasse 3, 01. Innere Stadt, 01. Innere Stadt, Wien

Altersbeschränkung: Alle Altersklassen


Eingetragen von: IMERSTEN

16. – 24. Juni 2016
Opening 16.06.2016, 19 Uhr
Finissage 24.06.2016, 19 Uhr
supporting program TBA

A traveling exhibition: Vienna Edition

Hope Chest: Traditionally in the form of a wooden trunk or box, contained the dowry of a young woman. The box and its content played an important part not only in the business transaction between two families, but served as a survival kit for the new life a girl was about to enter. The Hope Chest didn’t just contain the objects that would secure a young women’s future but comprised her heritage, her sense of belonging. With this in mind we produced a Hope Chest that traveled from the Old World to the New World and then back again. At each station a group of artist participated in shaping the content of the box and therefore the exhibition. With this gesture of sharing and hands-on participation we want to highlight the international intellectual exchange within the European – North American Art community, and therefore this exhibition series allows maximum visibility of this inspirational exchange. All the participating curators as well as a group of artists from Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles will come to Vienna to participate at the concluding exhibition at imersten.

Participating artists from Vienna
Maria Anwander, Johanna Braun, Thomas Ballhausen, Anna Khodorkovskaya, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Dejan Kaludjerovic, Roberta Lima, Muntean / Rosenblum, Michael Niemetz, Linus Riepler, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Kelly Sena and Erwin Wurm.
curated by Johanna Braun

New York
Natalie Baxter, Maria Britton, April Childers, Heather Garland, Rachael Gorchov, Angela Hoener, Robin Kang, Andrea McGinty, Eileen Mueller, Heidi Norton, Aiden Simon, Corkey Sinks and Jamie Steele.
curated by Jamie Steele

Washington DC
Zoë Charlton, Mary Early, Maggie Michael, José Ruiz and Dan Steinhilber.
curated by Maggie Michael

Los Angeles
Paul W. Evans, Kim Tucker, Jane O’Neill, Steven Frost, Liz Nurenberg, Alice Lang, Emily Silver, Julio Panisello and William Bacarella
curated by Molly Shea

Created by Johanna Braun
This installation is generously supported by imersten. and Bundeskanzleramt: Österreich