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Mi 29. Jun 2016, 21:30

Wo: Weekender Club, Tschamlerstraße 3, Innsbruck, Tirol

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Tanya Stephens has been lauded as the best songwriter to come out of Jamaica in the last few decades, and her compositions have received critical acceptance getting compared to the likes of Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ as well as Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. Refusing to be limited by classification, Stephens expresses a deliberate intention to live outside of the box creatively and socially, and she covers the widest range of topics and expressions found in any one artiste from any genre. By far Jamaica’s most diverse musical export, Tanya speaks of partying, sex, heartbreak, social change and human rights violations with equal comfort and dexterity from previously voiceless perspectives. Boldly exploring even the most taboo topics has earned Stephens the respect of the critics and listeners alike as she skillfully takes her audience on a colorful journey into the mind of her subject, extracting empathy and sparking discussion. With seven studio albums under her belt, Stephens recently released her eighth titled ‘Guilty’. When asked why ‘Guilty’ she replied “I’ve been accused of so many things meant to demotivate me that I lost count. I’m just saving my accusers some time so they can hopefully move on to their next target. I am guilty. Of not placing any importance on others’ opinions of me. Of continuing to explore every facet of my mind and sharing every thought worth sharing. Of understanding my relationship with my environment including the people in it. Of speaking from my heart without fear. Yes, I am guilty.” Inevitably, the story continues!