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The story is set in Brazil in the 1860s, 20 years before the emancipation of slaves. Isaura, a white-skinned slave lives in the house of Comendador Almeida and his wife Dona Ester, in Rio de Janeiro. Dona Ester raised her as her own daughter, she is educated and beautiful but very modest. Almost everyone likes her, especially Januaria the cook, who is a mother figure to her, but her master the Comendador is not particularly fond of her and he forbids Dona Ester to let Isaura dine with them as if she were a family member. Another person who hates her is the black slave Rosa who detests the privileged life Isaura leads.

At the beginning of the story Leoncio, the Comendador's son arrives home from Paris where he attended university but did not acquire a degree as he was more interested in debauchery. He takes a liking to Isaura and tries to seduce her but she resists. Dona Ester, Leoncio and Isaura soon move to the Almeidas' countryside residence in Campos, where we meet new characters: Francisco the cruel overseer who led the plantation in its owner's absence, André, the newly bought slave who incites Francisco's hatred by his dignity and bravery, and neighbour plantation owners Dona Alba and her children Tobias and Thais. Tobias and Leoncio start to hate each other when Tobias witnesses Leoncio's cruel treatment of a sick slave. Later Tobias meets Isaura who is taking a walk, and they fall in love, but Tobias doesn't know she is a slave. Also, Miguel, the overseer at Tobias's plantation confesses to Isaura that he is her father.

Almeida arrives and introduces Leoncio to Malvina, the daughter of a friend of his. Malvina doesn't know how evil Leoncio is, and she marries him. She is very kind to Isaura. Her maidservant Santa is happy because now she can be close to her beloved André. Dona Ester dies, her last wish is that the Comendador manumits Isaura, which he promises but then he doesn't keep his promise and doesn't give the signed document to Isaura. Tobias learns that Isaura is a slave, and offers to buy and marry her. Leoncio doesn't agree but Dona Carmen, the Comendador's new wife steals the emancipation document and gives it to him. Isaura is now free and preparing for her wedding, but Leoncio kidnaps Tobias and keeps him in an abandoned mill, planning to kill him, and he burns the document that granted Isaura's freedom. Later Malvina discovers Tobias in the mill and frees him, but before they could exit the mill, Leoncio and Francisco – who believe it's Isaura in the mill with Tobias – close the doors and set the mill on fire. Santa witnesses this, but is threatened by Francisco. Leoncio, pretending to be in mourning, goes on a travel, but not before condemning Isaura to regular slave work, in spite of the fact that his friends, including Malvina's brother Enrique, all believe he set her free.