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Fr 31. Jul 2015, 23:00

Wo: GEI Musikclub, Linzer Str. 20, Timelkam, Vöcklabruck

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Latest Record: All the Young Droogs
The Adicts began life as the Afterbirth & The Pinz, in their hometown of Ipswich back in late 1975. They scored many Indie Chart hits in the Eighties, and are unbelievably still together, and still making great music, with the same line-up - Keith 'Monkey' Warren, vocals; Mel Ellis, bass; Pete Dee Davison, guitar; and Michael 'Kid Dee' Davison, drums - to this day. Newer members are John Scruff Ellis (Mel's brother) guitar. "I think we all started for different reasons," recalls Monkey, of their distant origins. "Pete and Kid moved to Ipswich from Sunderland were already playing on their own, using pillows for drums in the front room. They soon changed their name to The Adicts and became known for their distinctive Clockwork Orange 'Droog' image, which, along with their urgent, uptempo music and light-hearted lyrics, helped set them very much apart from the rest of the genre. "We became The Adicts because The Pinz was such a shit name," deadpans Kid. "At the early gigs we just used to wear punk clothes, but never anything bought, like those posers who went down to Kings Road. After a while though, black came in and it all became boring, so we started to dress in white to be different, and 'Clockwork Orange' had been a major influence on us, though not for the violence, more the teenage angst..." "The 'Clockie' thing didn't really evolve until about 78/79 'Songs Of Praise' came out in 1981," reckons Monkey. "And the image is an amalgam of many things. It may have been a conscious effort to set ourselves against the somewhat unimaginative appearance of early '80s punk bands or just a perception that looking a certain way might be interesting and entertaining. The Adicts have trudged on over the years with tremendous success, touring the world and releasing thirteen full length albums and eight EP's, including legendary hits like “Viva la Revolution”. In 2012, the band signed with DC-Jam Records and entered Los Angeles based D.O.B. Sound Studio's in May to begin writing and recording process with engineer/producer Derek O'Brien. The full length album, entitled "All the Young Droogs"was released in mid September 2012 to coincide with another worldwide tour.
Monkey - Vocals Kid Dee - Drums Pete Dee - Lead Guitar Shahen - Bass Scruff - Guitar