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Daniel Mesquita


Do 29. Okt 2015, 20:00–22:00

Wo: Pat a Mat, Nußdorferstraße 3, 09. Alsergrund, Wien

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Eingetragen von: Pat a Mat

Daniel Mesquita was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Graduated in classical and electric guitar, he came in 2006 the first time to Vienna with the brazilian band "Odecasa" to play in the jazz club Birdland.

Mesquita is living in Vienna since 2010, teaching music and guitar, his second passion is the audio recording and he has worked in the renowned 'Home-Music Studio' with the Grammy prized musician, Georg Luksch.

Daniel has performed and recorded with Juan Garcia-Herreros, Alexander and Konstantin Wladigeroff, Luís Ribeiro, Paula Barembuem, Victoria Benesch and many others.