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Di 22. Apr 2014, 20:30

Wo: Salzburg Rockhouse, Schallmooser Hauptstraße 46, Stadt, Salzburg

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Eingetragen von: Oeticket

 “90’s New York Hardcore meets Japanese Culture meets contemporary metal.”
This is the sound of ROTNS: Crushing thrash riffing leading to pure hardcore breakdowns, blended with Manga fuelled lyrics and a Japanese Furyo imagery.
The band’s top priority: To break in Japan. This goal was born out of love and respect for Japanese culture, and its influence over millions of youngsters around the world.
2012 brought ROTNS to tour Japan for the first time. This visit was met with critical success, having played 10 club shows to a few thousand Japanese infuriated fans. Covered in gifts, the band set up home after the tour with suitcases full of Japanese Manga goodies, offered by fans; a great testimony of the developing love for the band in this region.
In the process, the band has also built a loyal following in the markets separating France from Japan… including Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Russia, China and Taiwan.