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Johnwaynes (Blossom Kollektiv) & Mick Thammer


Sa 12. Apr 2014, 21:00–05:00

Wo: SodaClub Salzburg, Gstättengasse 21, Stadt Salzburg, Stadt, Salzburg

Altersbeschränkung: Ab 18


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Mastercris - You're The One (feat. Kathy Diamond) , original, dub & Mathias Vogts remixes
Growing further out, musical petals reaching out for the ethereal, aiming high! That's where Blossom is going, and the next release in glorious vinyl is another firm step towards the establishment of the label.
This time it's portuguese veteran Mastercris delivering the goods, featuring a killer vocal contribution by the even sensual Kathy Diamond, one of Maurice Fulton's partners in crime. Cristovão Mestre is the real name of the man hiding behind the anagram Mastercris. Mestre is a rare case: a real music lover with no aspirations of dj'ing and no necessity of self-affirmation, a full time medical doctor who happens to have a love and act for music making. After works on many reference labels, this piece - "You're the one", has everything needed to be a grand crossover success: catchy lyrics, sharp production, a tight modern boogie midtempo flavor and a couple of kick ass dub versions and remixes to satisfy all manner of tastes.
The original is a piano-led composition that's brilliantly written, with an orchestral atmosphere and an irresistibly feminine appeal that will leave many a hot ladies drenched in ecstasy, held in rapture, immersed in Miss Diamond's ravishing lyrics and vocal arrangements. Perfect track to listen on the radio, in the subway on the way home with your headphones on, or to get the dancefloor rocking' on a beautiful club. The production is top notch too. The composer's dub version is no less impressive: a real club tool for the arpeggio lover, a deep and passionate upbeat take that aims dead center at those who appreciate all things Morgan Geist.
As for the anticipated Vogt remixes… there comes heat! Matthias Vogt keeps BPMs on the midtempo and works a crunchy beat into hypnotic results… snappy, organic and slow on the build. The vocal remix drives the lyrics to the forefront of the mix, but keeps everything else super simple but in an incredibly effective manner, making room for a Prince-esque guitar that advances boldly onto the arrangement and creates a sure fire future classic, the new piano arrangements also work wonders. Finally, Vogt's dub version gives the vocal version the edge it needed, removing most of the lyric content and adding beautiful electric piano and synth where only the vocal lay, and looping a distorted, filtered guitar portion to a tantric effect - it's as deep a dub version as they get. Absolutely addictive bliss!
Exclusive pressing of the BUY ON SIGHT sort, don't sleep on this, no digital release is planned so far.’