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Sa 23. Mär 2013, 09:00–20:00
So 24. Mär 2013, 08:00–13:30

Wo: Inner Peace Yoga Studio, Stumpergasse 48, 1060 Wien, 06. Mariahilf, Wien

Altersbeschränkung: Ab 16


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PRANIC ENERGY HEALING is an ancient Method of Balancing
• the Physical Body,
• the Personality,
• the Environment and one’s Life in general
• it also may be practiced on animals, plants & others …

This Method uses Knowledge about the Existence of the Energy Bodies – which Surround and Infuse the Physical Body with Vital Life Force.

… teaches Balancing with Energy without ever touching another person …

What can you Learn in 2 days?
• How to feel subtle energy - How to evaluate various “layers” of the energy bodies and other nuances of subtle energy
• how to remove “energy blockages” in areas where energy is constricted
• How to project fresh vital life energy
• How to achieve stillness through Invocation, Prayer and Meditation
• Yogic breathing and other easy physical exercises and practices will complete the workshop

After the workshop a Practitioner will immediately and successfully practice and treat!

Why is this workshop important for you?
• To have a life-long tool to increase well being daily
• To activate your Self-Healing-Power
• To become active, if disharmony in the body takes place
• To offer a holistic understanding of human beings