Diese Veranstaltung ist schon vorbei


Sa 21. Apr 2012, 20:00–22:30

Wo: Jazzcafe ZWE, Floßgasse 4, 02. Leopoldstadt, Wien

Altersbeschränkung: Alle Altersklassen


  • Abendkassa: €10,00
  • Studenten: €7,00


Eingetragen von: Ursula Mertens

Nach den fulminanten Konzerten der vergangenen Monate haben wir uns entschieden, an je einem Samstag im Monat einen Abend dem Funk & Soul zu widmen.
Line up:
Big John Whitfield - lead vocals
Thomas Hechenberger - guitar
Sandra Lawson - bass
Valentin Oman - keyboards
Thomas Froschauer – drums

Since BIG JOHN set the center of his life from Oklahoma City/USA over Greece to Vienna, Austria
5 years ago, it´s impossible to imagine the austrian music and party scene without him as a
heavyweight part of it.
With his groove loaded band: THE VIENNA SOUL SOCIETY and his distinctive, incredible voice, he
brings back the tremendous energy and fascination to the outmoded era of Motown music with his
incomparable way of performing. Up from the very first song they take hold of their crowd and
don´t let them down till the last note.
Wether in small clubs, on company events or big music festivals they know how to abduct their
audience on a journey of soul and funk classics with their sweeping interpretations of:
Barry White, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder or James Brown and many more.
With the enormous presence on stage, the virtousity and instrumentation of every song, this
impressive ensemble puts their soully grooves and funky beats in the perfect scene at any time.
BIG JOHN & THE VIENNA SOUL SOCIETY – a spezial event on the highest level of pure
entertainment, which can´t be seen and heard very often.