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Fr 3. Feb 2012, 22:00–04:00

Wo: Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, Linz Urfahr, Oberösterreich

Altersbeschränkung: Alle Altersklassen


Eingetragen von: KV Stadtwerkstatt

Bong Ra (Ad Noiseam / NL)
Limewax (L/B Recordings / UA)

Dj Cueing (Fluc / Wien)
Bernd Bricht (Slobber Club / Wien)


Bong Ra (Ad Noiseam / NL)

Bong-Ra is no stranger in the leftfield electronica scene. One of the founders of the Breakcore scene hails from the Netherlands and started producing as early as 1998, releasing his first series of 12”’ and debut album on cult label Djax Records, run by the infamous Miss Djax.
His material was greatly loved by the late BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, who invited Bong-Ra to do a prestigious Peel Session in 2001. After Peel’s death the BBC released a 4 CD box with Peel’s 125 favourite Peel Session tracks containing artists like Thin Lizzy, PJ Harbey, The Orb and amongst them also Bong-Ra.
Since 1998 Bong-Ra has released on a scale of respected labels such as : Ad Noiseam, Planet Mu, Peace Off and Cock Rock Disco to name just a few.
The ‘Bikini Bandits, Kill! Kill! Kill!’ album is Bong-Ra’s most notorious release. The collaboration with Gyromart, founders of the Bikini Bandits, brought the ‘666MPH’ video to high rotation on Dutch MTV in 2004. The song also appeared on the Gyromart soundtrack featuring A Perfect Circle and Dee Dee Ramone.
The Venetian Snares remixes of his ‘Hungarian’ album gained worldwide respect, with huge props from Warp Records, comapring this EP to the finer works of Madlib. This variation in style, and jazzy influences, evolved into one of Bong-Ra’s sideprojects : The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, in which he plays doublebass and composes and produces the music with Gideon Kiers. Darkjazz suitable for any David Lynch movie.
Bong-Ra’s live reputation is outstanding. Have performed across all of Europe from Spain to Russia. Having toured the US in 2008 and Japan in 2005. Covering many of the prominent European Festivals such as Glastonbury, Glade, Lowlands, Eurosonic and Noorderslag to name a few.
His collaboration and remix list is extensive. Having remixed artists varying from Therapy? to Venetian Snares, and having performed with Godflesh to Merzbow.
“For those who aren’t acquainted with Bong-Ra’s sound will be in for a pleasant surprise. As one of the pioneers of the Breakcore genre, Bong-Ra has managed to mix all his musical influences into a furiously energetic style. No remorse and no concession. Where other artists stick to their musical blueprint, Bong-Ra never stops the pursuit of musical development, hoping to catch his listeners of guard every single time.”
For more info, audio and video visit : www.bong-ra.com


Limewax (L/B Recordings / UA)

Limewax is a drum and bass music producer and DJ from Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine. His style is described as inspired by harsher sounds of hardstep and darkstep;[1][2] however, he is most recognizable as a Skullstep artist. He has collaborated with artists such as The Panacea, Current Value, Donny, Proket, and Dylan.


Bernd Bricht (Slobber Club / Wien)
Underground-Comiczeichner und Soundselektor aus Wien, unter anderem verantwortlich für das 24 Hour Comics Vienna und die Videodoku Notes On Breakcore. Seit 2006 Mitveranstalter und Resident DJ vom Slobberclub. Stets auf der Suche nach neuen, experimentellen Electronica mit synthetischem Sounddesign, abstrakten Breaks und sicken Bässen durchwandert er die sonic Wastelands zeitgenössischer Tanzmusik – eine never-ending Quest nach darken Breakbeat-Hybriden irgendwo zwischen Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Breakcore/DnB und so-called IDM.