Diese Veranstaltung ist schon vorbei


Di 7. Dez 2010, 22:00

Wo: Reigen Live, Hadikgasse 62 , 14. Penzing, Wien

LUCIANO (Jam): A true superstar in the reggae business, Luciano combines his love of God and beauty into a soulful, spiritual blend of rock and R&B-tinged reggae combined with wonderful thoughtful lyrics. Here is the very pulse of progressive Jamaican roots music. His is a vision shaped by love for humanity, and by placing the emphasis on cultural and spiritual issues once more. Luciano has helped elevate reggae music to a degree many would have thought impossible only a short time ago.

Mikey GENERAL: One of Reggae’s most exciting talents in conscious vocals is that of Mikey General. His high tenor voice, like a warm breeze over the ocean, carries a message of faith and optimism. His unyielding devotion and genuine sincerity sets this singer apart from the rest. Mikey General, long known for his association with Luciano, has spent decades honing his talent, navigating the upper echelon of producers and studios in the reggae industry, both in the United Kingdom and Jamaica.