Diese Veranstaltung ist schon vorbei


Di 9. Mär 2010, 21:00

Wo: Fluc-Wanne, Praterstern 5, 02. Leopoldstadt, Wien

After a five year break between albums, Tim Hurley (Red Red Meat, Califone, Loftus) and Danni Iosello return to offer their most lucid and evocative record yet:Sin Ropas' long-awaited fourth full-length release, 'Holy Broken'.

'Holy Broken' will immediately seem like an old friend to fans of Sin Ropas, and will provide plenty of reminiscence for those familiar with Hurley's early bands, but there's something different about it, too. It may be that Tim's wobbly taut-wire voice is stronger and more beautiful than ever, it may be in the more glamorous saunter of the rhythms. What's true, though, is that there is a new ineffable element in 'Holy Broken' that comes from that swagger of clarified intention, an element that pulls the past out farther than we can see it, illuminating all that's beautiful and terrifying.Sin Ropas may be known for their sleeper hits and their status as a 'secret' band, but 'Holy Broken' demands your attention from the start and keeps it long after the needle scratches to the end.